Sank Magic Practice Copybook

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An excellent solution for parents to teach toddlers how to write letters and numbers while having fun. It can be used over and over again and saves a lot of notebooks and money!!
Material: White Cardboard
Style: Alphabet, Numbers, Drawing, Addition & Subtraction
Size: A 5 or 5.8 x 8.3 Inches (Approx.)
Pen Tip: 0.5mm With Black Auto Fade Ink
Includes: Set Of 4 Magic Book + 1 Magic Pen Holder With 5 Refills  + 1 Grip
How It Works; Copybook has a three-dimensional groove design, use the automatic fading pen to follow paths and draw different shapes. With these automatic fading pens the text on the book can fade out automatically after 10 minutes, which means kids can apply the magic practice calligraphy for many times.
  • High-quality paper, strong and durable for long use.
  • The cute soft material pen is designed to be comfortably held in little hands and helps to develop a correct pen holding posture.
  • With fun graphic combination, vivid colors and cute shapes, these calligraphy books are the best solution to teach your kids to write in standard writing format in more interesting way.
  • This Magic Practice Copybook has all necessary contents your child will learn in school; Alphabet, Numbers, Drawings and Mathematics
  • Kids can practice with it in daily life for fluent writingcan enhance kid's memory and interest in learning.
  • Increase confidence, and reduce frustration in kids while improving their writing and drawing skills.
  • Recommended age is 3+.

  • Hand writing automatically disappears after drawing/writing
  • Make your kids and your handwriting beautiful
  • Portable sized books 
  • 4*Copybooks (1 Math, 1 Drawing, 1 Alphabet, 1 Number)
  • 5*Automatic Fade Pen (1 Pen Holder, 1 Pen Case, 4 Refills)
  • Meet Requirements: Practicing these roles well can meet the requirements of daily life, work and study.
  • Not Easy to Stain: The paper is thick and not easy to stain. Ideal for writing calligraphy letters.
  • The copybook can help children or adults practice different handwriting fonts and establish their own style.
  • This is a copy of the English handwriting pen. It emphasizes writing skills training, so that readers can master English handwriting skills and write beautiful English words through training
Sank Magic Practice Copybook
Sank Magic Practice Copybook
Sank Magic Practice Copybook
Sank Magic Practice Copybook
Sank Magic Practice Copybook